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SNS Nails/ Dip Powder Nails

How are SNS nails different to gel and acrylic nails?

SNS nails look virtually the same as gel and acrylic nails, but the difference is in the technique used to create the finished product. Because the powder is coloured, no painting is required and there is zero dry time.

1. SNS nails look natural.

There are multiple aesthetic benefits of getting SNS. It looks natural, and is thinner than acrylic nails and stronger than gel nails

2. SNS nails are strong but feel light.

It’s more durable yet more flexible than traditional acrylics, and the powder provides more strength than many gels.

SNS also feels ‘lighter’ on the nail. It is a quick and easy application, an advantage for both nail technicians and clients, and there is less filing, which means less dust and less drilling than many other products.

3. The base gel is fortified with vitamins to nourish your nail. SNS is soaked off and reapplied each cycle so there is minimal filing of your natural nail, unlike backfilling of acrylic.


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